Latest Recipes

The Yes Bag

This summer, I really want to say yes! In order to make any adventure happen, I’ll always have a Yes Bag packed in the car!

The Mom Kit

Life comes at you fast. Be ready for anything life throws at you with The Mom Kit! You already have most of what you need!

Eggless Breakfast Burritos

Between the warm sausage, melty cheese, zesty potatoes and spicy green chile, all wrapped in a tortilla, you won’t miss the egg in these Eggless Breakfast Burritos!

March Favorite Things

March has been a rough month here at The Burnt Salad. Recovery from back surgery has been tougher than expected, so not a lot of cooking or eating anything fun and exciting. So, on the very last day of the month, here are my March faves!

Meal Trains Are Awesome!

Have you ever been the recipient of a meal train? If you have, consider yourself fortunate! If you have ever contributed to a meal train, you’re a good person. All this to say, meal trains are awesome!

February Faves

February Favorite Things

Things I’m loving right now – February edition! Things that are making pandemic life easier, or just bringing me joy right now.  Hopefully they bring you joy as well!

Creamy White Bean Soup

This Creamy White Bean Soup uses pantry stables to come up with a comforting, delicious and dairy free lunch or dinner!